Battle your opponents to take the grid. Test your skills against the computer AI or challenge up to three friends to see who will dominate.

The Rules

  • Each player takes it, in turn, to place their atom on the grid.
  • Placing the same colour on a cell again will add another atom
  • When a cell reaches three atoms, adding a fourth will explode the cell
  • The four atoms will scatter out to the adjacent cells, taking them over in your colour
  • If these cells reach four atoms themselves they will also explode, causing a chain reaction
  • The winner is the player whose colour is the last one on the grid


Design & Programming - Andy Lunn

Music - Eric Skiff

Based on Atoms for the Amiga by Tom Kuhn

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)

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this game is REALY cool, can't wait to play with frends :)

Thank you my friend. I've only just been introduced to so I will be pushing all my old games on to here to spread them around